How To Get The Spanish NIE Number?

What is the NIE number?

The NIE is the Spanish Foreigners’ Identity Number which identifies foreign people who, due to their economic, professional or social interests, hold relations with Spain, and it is an indispensable procedure for someone to work in the country either employed or self-employed.

How is the NIE number processed?

The NIE may be requested personally or through a Representative in Spain. In addition, it is important to bear in mind that it may only be requested for working in Spain if the residence will also be Spain. Therefore, depending on whether you are a EU citizen or a non-EU citizen, and the level of identification, the steps below must be followed:

EU citizens: a citizen of a State Member of the European Union, of another State party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area or Switzerland. Requesting the NIE.- If the residence period is more than three months, one must enroll in the Central Registry of Foreigners.

Non-EU citizens: Requesting the NIE.- The interested person must apply for the Foreigner’s Identity Card (TIE), which will include the NIE number as well as the type of authorization for staying or residing in Spain (depending on the condition the person will be allowed to work both employed or self-employed).

What should be taken into account for requesting the NIE number?

- To hold the complete passport or identity document in force.

- To fill out the relevant forms with complete truthfulness.

- To present a letter-type document that indicates the economic, professional and/or social causes that justify the request.

- To pay the corresponding fees for the procedure to be performed.

- If the presentation of the documents is done through a Representative, the empowerment document to carry out these procedures.

Where is the documentation submitted?

Depending on the procedure to be performed, the person must attend the corresponding foreign service administration under the authority of the Spanish Government’s Delegation or Sub-delegation in the area in which the company or person has its registered office.

How can Metagest help you with the NIE number?

In Metagest:

- We will study the special circumstances of the request.

- We will provide and validate the official forms to be filled out.

- We will indicate and validate the documentation to be attached to the request.

- We will prepare the justification letter for the request.

- We will provide you with information on where to go, including the arrangements of the appointment, if necessary.

- In addition, we can attend on your behalf and manage all arrangements and procedures as your Representative.